Starting Out & Learning to Ride

The Smalley Cross Starter / Commuter Pack

The Starter / Commuter Package is your one way ticket on to 2 wheels! In this package there is everything you need to get started out. You, the customer have total freedom to design and tailor make your own package. You can have as a little or as much as you desire, and to make it even better, you can incorporate your package into your monthly finance payments.

To list a few items you can choose from -

    Helmet - Multiple Choices
    Summer/Winter Gloves
    Waterproof/Armoured/Leather Jacket
    Waterproof/Armoured/Leather Trousers
    Ground Anchors
    CBT Training
    Service Plans

Remember, at Smalley Cross, YOU DECIDE, YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM!

What is a Scooter?

Basically a scooter can be either a moped or a “light” motorcycle


  • Max design speed of 31 mph (50 km/h)
  • Max engine capacity of 50cc
  • Can be moved by pedals - if the moped was first used before 1st September 1977

“Light” Motorcycle

  • Max engine capacity of 125cc
  • Max power output of 11 kilowatts

What is a CBT?

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) covers all the basics you need to know to ride a scooter/motorcycle safely. The course is only provided by trained bodies approved by the Driving Standards Agency; this makes sure that everyone learning receives the same quality of tuition.

In order to take the course you will need:

  • A valid UK driving license, provisional or full
  • Be aged 16 or over to ride on a moped (no greater than 50cc)
  • Be aged 17 or over to ride a vehicle no greater than 125cc.

The CBT is not a test it is a one day course to get you to a safe standard of riding. Once completed you will receive a certificate.